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Scalar Technology

Experiments using scalar or longitudinal electromagnetic waves for communication and wireless energy transfer


New acoustic technology experimentation. New products for acoustic curtains, fire extinguishers.

Crypto Strategy

Cryptocurrency web portal for data analysis, strategy design, backtesting and membership community collaboration.

Space Operations

Spacecraft operations, simulator testing and design. Spacecraft database preparation and testing.

Technology Innovation & Engineering

Smart new solutions are and will always be available. It is just a matter of thinking out of the box, a somewhat tired and cliché phrase but true nevertheless. My Masters thesis work conducted at the University of Florida for NASA was to develop a new micro-meteroid impact detector for low earth orbit spacecraft and satellites. Combining traditional Finite Element Models but using wavelet signal processing allowed keeping both spectral and temporal information which cannot be done using standard Fourier analysis methods.

Always interested in new engineering challenges

If you need support with structural dynamics, spacecraft operations preparation, database design and testing or fun projects in energy, acoustics or systems design leave a message below.

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