A webportal for cryptocurrency market analysis, strategy desing and testing.




A novel Web Portal system for a new trading strategy design, backtesting and voluntary competition.

The CryptoStrategyCentral is a web portal for paying members that gives access to an extensive set of tools and data feeds for creating Cryptocurrency trading strategies. Historical and near realtime data from the larger and most important exchanges will be available through a powerful cloud data service. Users will have access to a unique strategy builder application that allows assembling complex strategies consisting of indicators and signals by simply dragging and connecting visual block elements into flowcharts and sequence diagram. The interface is simple and intuitive yet allows for very complex strategies to be designed. Once saved these strategies, which are available in personal libraries, can be tested using historical data and directly and quickly be tweaked using parameter values.

Project Introduction Website

CryptoStrategyCentral is a separate startup project currently in pre-see funding phase. A fast track prototype development phase is planned to commence as soon as possible and once the prototype system goes online a formal and proper IPO or ICO formation will commence. The portal will contain a comprehensive cryptocurrency data feeds, a novel strategy builder application, backtesting options and both private and public sharing and research areas. In order to entice members to share their creations a weekly competition will be arranged with attractive prices. All winners’ strategies will be made available to the entire community to learn from and build on. A growing library of indicators, signal options and strategy templates and examples will make designing new strategies fast and easy.